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Calibex is a comparison-shopping website based in the United States, with international sites in the UK, Australia and France. Calibex was originally designed as a silhouette of Nextag.com to help test online tools and branding opportunities. To keep the relative size of the website manageable for these purposes, Calibex only displays merchants who have been awarded a four-star rating and above.

However, without any advertising or promotions and practically no optimization technology other than our industry-leading SEM practices, Calibex hit record revenue numbers in 2011.

How we did it

Leveraging only the Wize Commerce® SEM platform, that includes a decade of keyword data from every shopping category, we identified the most valuable keywords to help Calibex meet aggressive traffic acquisition targets. We also effectively predicted the value of millions of additional keywords, enabling Calibex to bid on them more efficiently and reduce marketing spend.

As traffic scaled, the Wize Commerce SEM team continually tested a variety of different bids, adjusting the process in real-time to maximize performance.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 11 billion impressions
  • 70 million visits
  • Dramatically reduced marketing spend
  • $15 million in revenue


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