Wize Commerce

Shopping Network

Our network of high-growth consumer e-commerce sites continually sharpens our skills and offers Wize Commerce® clients unique channels to acquire and engage customers.

Nextag remains our flagship site and a powerhouse in its own right as the #1 independent comparison-shopping site in the U.S. with over 30 million monthly visitors and generating over $1B in retail sales per year. The site generates huge revenue volumes from search, social, retargeting, and mobile. One of its unique features is that it incorporates extensive optimization, personalization, and recommendation tools to support our customers’ objectives. Nextag has presences in ten countries, including the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Netherlands.

Guenstiger.de is a leading online price comparison service in Europe providing products in the area of consumer electronics, household, and leisure goods. Consumers use the portal to easily and quickly compare millions of products and prices from thousands of online merchants and offline retail shops throughout Germany. The portal also provides invaluable information to support consumer-shopping decisions, such as product information, merchant ratings, professional test reports and user opinions.

Preissuchmaschine.de is one of Europe’s most successful shopping portals providing consumers in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland with price-focused optimizations that are a complement to guenstiger.de.

Price MachineTM is the place to shop for consumers who are highly price-conscious. Price Machine features predictive modeling that is price-heavy and will soon expand to include robust information on price details and history, fair price estimates, integration of our Radar price tracking and prediction technology, and social analytics focused on the price trends that users are seeking.

Calibex is a Silhouette® of the full Wize Commerce platform, where we focus on seller quality optimizations as a means to satisfy shopper intent and maximize merchant performance.

Millions of options, one Wize Choice. Wize.com saves you time by providing expert product recommendations based on real and real-time behavior of millions of shoppers and thousands of sellers.

Wize® leverages our proprietary recommendation technology, social analytics platform, and mobile-forward UX technology. Pre-beta begins May 1, 2013, with a formal launch on September 1.

A unique shopping site to assist shoppers with appliances and other complicated hard goods purchases. Launching May 31, 2013.

Omniprix.com is a comparison shopping site in France that showcases only the broadest selection of sellers and a distinctive image rich UI. We designed, implemented and fully launched the Omniprix.com site back in July of 2011. Since then, we have been sending SEM traffic with amazing results including, boosting our presence in the French market by nearly 10%.

Nextravel is a travel Silhouette site which utilizes the world’s largest and best-priced inventory selection from mega online travel company, Priceline, in conjunction with the Wize Commerce leading edge traffic acquisition platform.

Thingbuzz allows shoppers to ask a community for shopping advice and get answers in minutes.

Testeo.de is a fully functioning product review site for the German marketplace.

Argep is one of Hungary’s leading price comparison services, offering rich information to support shopping decisions.